GOL Airlines

Well….Travelling inside and from Argentina is a NIGHTMARE. It’s ridiculously expensive!…4 hour flight at this time to Brazil from Buenos Aires costs around 750 uS$….In Europe I can fly the same distance for 100 US$. Same thing for the internal flights. Actually in South America there is no competition (In all the main fields) and actually the Carriers make all they want…In Argentina it’s even worse…There are just 2 Carriers…2!!!…The funny thing is that they call it “competition“…consider that today the government decided to increase the super high rates of Aerolineas Argentinas +12% !! For the Argentinean who wants to flight outside there is another “nice” surprise…the carriers charge an extra 35% (Government decision)….well…the government want they to enjoy their country…of course ;) The crazy thing is that mot of the times the carriers charge the tourists no residents as well…!!! (and the +35% should only be for the residents) Anyway here there is no rule…anybody do what they want…the customers have no rights. Anyway…today I tried to make a reservation to go to Brazil…to Rio de Janeiro. The company I choose is GOL Airlines…(Brazilian carrier)…the “Intelligent Carrier (as they say!!)…I entered in their website. I chose the flight. 1200 Real…then I pressed continued and they added the fees. 1800. Real. Then I pressed Continued and…added some other fees…3800 Real!!!!!….Do they consider us Idiots??…Anyway I needed to make the reservation and…here we are to write the passenger names…I wrote my name birth date, resident etc…and…OK…then I started to do the same for my partner…well…the system didn’t accept her birth date…I tried 3 times and…nothing…it refused it…then….I put a fake date and it accepted it…I tried with another fake date and…it accepted it!!!! I couldn’t believe…GOL didn’t like the age of my partner…it wanted an older partner for me!!!  :) At this point I was curious to see what was going to happen…I clicked on Continue….and….actually….Appear something that I couldn’t understand…there were a lot of different amounts…I really couldn’t understand the amount to pay!!!! :)

GOL Checkout

Fiesta de la Italianidad in Buenos Aires

Here I am again…actuallly I have so many things to do that it’s not easy to update the blog…anyway yesterday there was a very nice Party on the Street.. Organized by the Restaurant Il Ballo del Mattone. I don’t like to advertise places but they did something very nice…and…pizza, pasta and drinks were offered for free!!! So….I love Free…refusing free stuff is like refusing the luck ;) So…May, Ling, Malcolm and me decided to go and….get our LUCK!! :)

So funny…paintors, food, music….it was like a very small piece of Italy in Buenos Aires. Actually almost 50% of Baires Population has some Italian roots so….welcome to the Party. I hope the  photos will be able to describe the atmosphere :)

Buenos Aires and Internet….

Well…actually Buenos Aires is still far away to have a good internet connection…All the operators promise “miracles” but what you get is…a boring and slow internet connection. The mobile one is just ridiculous…so. I don’t want even consider it…ok…the problem is that thee is almost no competition and the 2 “Giants” are Telefonica and Cablevision.

Anyway they offer almost the same products at the almost the same prices and at almost the same….”quality”(!!)

My experience is with FIBERTEL…but anyway I have several friends with SPEEDY and it’s the same!! First Fibertel offered me a “3 mega” download connection. Price at 129 Pesos…one day…I got my bill and it was at 220 pesos!!! I got very angry so I phoned them and told them that I was ready to change operator (not too much choice of course ;) Well…finally they told me that for the next months they offer me 6 mega at   again but for 6 months..then the price will jump again…Interesting cause the price jumps all the time here but the quality drops…So Actually (on the paper) I have a “6 mega”!….during the last 2 months I tested Fibertel connection using Speedtest … well….here you can see the awful results I got…impossible to watch a movie…sometimes when all people sleep in Buenos Aires my internet connection is a bit faster but never regular so…I can start to download faster and then….20 minutes later….the speed drops like the old analog modems! … So at this time (sadly) in Argentina a computer costs almost the double than in USA or Europe and when you get your internet…you have  the time to think about all your life before a dowload is complete ;)

Right now Pizza Libre in Av. Corrientes

We are walking in av. Corrientes. This morning we have been in Recoleta and we even found the tomb of Evita ;) now eating pizza pasta and empanadas. Nice place in av. Corrientes 1630.free buffet for just 5.5 euros. In a few minutes we’ll continue our tour to Florida and Puerto Madero…all by walk ;)


One night at the Theatre

Well…last night we decided to o to the Theatre. Ana, Valerie, Daniel and me. Buenos Aires offers a lot of entertainment during the night. Nights are very long in Buenos Aires. Theatres,Music Shows, Tango….it’s difficult to choose cause there is really a lot to do. So…this time…Theatre. Which show?….mmmm….Actually with the very close new Argentinian Crisis…we decided to watch: Shopping and Fucking ;) It’s a 1996 play by English playwright Mark Ravenhill. It was Ravenhill’s first full-length play. It received its first public reading at the Finborough Theatre, London, in 1995. It was performed in 1996 at the Royal Court Upstairs (located temporarily at the Ambassadors Theatre in London’s West End), before embarking on a national and international tour, co-produced by Out of Joint and the Royal Court Theatre. This play is quite Strong…not for all…talking about the perpetual connection between the life of the masses…Money as the main target of our lives and anything which is linked to consumerism: Shopping and even sex as goods of bargaining.


The theatre where we have watched this performance is “El Extranjero

…Before the performance we had a drink and…they offered us a condom each :)

I also got a super cake with Chocolate….which I love!!! ;)



After the play…we decided to go to drink a little bit…just to relax :) We wen to a very nice “Tango Pub” called Sanata .



Super nice with som very good Live Music. It was really funny.


City Bike Tour Buenos Aires

A nice day so…a good day to have a good city bike tour in Buenos Aires :o) Around 13.30 we went to rent a bike. In this case we went to “La Bicicleta Naranja” in Calle Nicaragua 4825.

The bikes are quite old but they are ok and Buenos Aires is a “Flat ” city so…you don’t need some good bike and strong legs ;o)

It’s a relaxing tour…we started a bit late so our tour was just 24 Km but for sure it was very nice. We visited the China town of Buenos Aires which is growing day by day, then we visited the parks of Palermo, the small lakes….it was a really relaxing day….There is also an interesting and “strange” arte atelier of Carlo Regazzoni

The bicycle path is quite good and long o you can mostly follow it…

The streets changes all the time and the architectures change as well. It really worth doing it. The best day is of course the Sunday cause there is much less traffic. If you start earlier in the morning you’ll be able to enjoy the silence in Buenos Aires….which is almost impossible during the weekly days ;)

Here you can see a small video of our bicycle tour of Buenos Aires and you can also see the route we did.

Actually we paid 60 pesos each for 4 hours

Here you can get some more info about the evolution of the bicycle path in Buenos Aires: Mejor en Bici

Republica de los ninos (Day Trip)

What a great day….we decided to visit th “Republica de los ninos”… This is a very nice place next to La Plata. It’s a fantastic place for families or…”Kids Adults” as we are ;)



So….let’s go to visit this kind of Fantasy Land. :) It takes about 1 hour from Capital Federal (by car). It’s about 70 Km away from Capital Federal.



Next by La Plata . The road is quite good. Mostly highway. Consider that Walt Disney after visiting this place decided to build Disneyland.



We arrived at about 11.30 a.m. The entrance fee is 10 pesos per adult, plus 10 pesos to park the car. After parking the car….we started our walk in this fantastic place :)



Wow….yes…it’s like to be in the Alice Wonderland :) All the building are small….there are a lot…Free WIFI inside so you can share anything in real time with your friends from around the world.



There is a nice station with the small train you can also take to see all the park.



The park is really big…the lake, the boat to make the tour of the lake as well…the Puppet museum…where I have even found a piece of the Sicilia History (my home land).



There is also a small Luna Park inside….and then….the FOOD…of course the “Parrilla” is a must everywhere in Argentina so…at the Republica de los ninos as well ;) The food was good and not overpriced…an I am very happy when I don’t over pay ;)



We spent a so beautiful day here and….I think I’ll come back in summer as well :) This is the official website of the Republica de los ninos.