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City Bike Tour Buenos Aires

A nice day so…a good day to have a good city bike tour in Buenos Aires :o) Around 13.30 we went to rent a bike. In this case we went to “La Bicicleta Naranja” in Calle Nicaragua 4825.

The bikes are quite old but they are ok and Buenos Aires is a “Flat ” city so…you don’t need some good bike and strong legs ;o)

It’s a relaxing tour…we started a bit late so our tour was just 24 Km but for sure it was very nice. We visited the China town of Buenos Aires which is growing day by day, then we visited the parks of Palermo, the small lakes….it was a really relaxing day….There is also an interesting and “strange” arte atelier of Carlo Regazzoni

The bicycle path is quite good and long o you can mostly follow it…

The streets changes all the time and the architectures change as well. It really worth doing it. The best day is of course the Sunday cause there is much less traffic. If you start earlier in the morning you’ll be able to enjoy the silence in Buenos Aires….which is almost impossible during the weekly days 😉

Here you can see a small video of our bicycle tour of Buenos Aires and you can also see the route we did.

Actually we paid 60 pesos each for 4 hours

Here you can get some more info about the evolution of the bicycle path in Buenos Aires: Mejor en Bici